Neighbourhood Planning

March Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Version:

The March Town Neighbourhood Plan is now with the Independent Examiner – his initial comments are available below:
Examiners initial comments and questions
March Town Councils response is shown below:
Response by March Town Council to the Initial Comments of the_Independent Examiner dated 13 April 2017

March Town Centre Primary Retail Frontage Survey
 Fenland District Councils response is shown below:
Comments Against Submission Plan

Link to FDC website:

                                          CONSULTATION DRAFT APPENDICES
                                           Sustainability Assessment Supplement

Evidence base on which the Draft Plan has been prepared:
Vison, Aims & Objectives. Analysis of feedback
Vision, Aims & Objectives. Summary Schedule of Comments
Town Centre Primary Retail Frontage Survey Map
Sustainability Assessment-Stage 1
March Town Centre Primary Retail Frontage Survey
Key Messages from the Issues and Options Consultation Exercise
Issues & Options Consultation- Summary Comments Schedule
Appendix1.DraftVision, Aims&Objectives
Analysis of Town Wide Survey Results

The March Town Plan Survey was delivered to every house and business in March Town in November 2013. The response was very good with 617 questionnaires returned. Further survey work was undertaken with groups that were under-represented. Key Issues were exhibited at the Issues and Options Exhibition at the Oliver Cromwell Hotel on Saturday 19 July 2014.

From the feedback we received we prepared a Vision for March Town, Aims and Objectives. These were exhibited on Saturday 11 October 2014 at Audmoor House and a further session held at Neale-Wade Academy. We received many responses – thank you to all who contributed.

The Proposed Neighbourhood Plan – Vision, Aims and Objectives is attached below and contains an analysis of the feedback received in October.
Analysis of feedback115DRAFTvision115MTPVAO115

Your comments are essential if we are to produce a “March Town Plan by March Town People”.

You will find a forward by March Town Mayor, Cllr. Kit Owen below, together with the Key Stages, Activities and Timeframes, Key MilestonesStage 2 Issues and Options Consultation and the Draft Vision for March Town, Aims and Objectives documents below.

Development of a Neighbourhood Plan for March is led and funded by March Town Council with support and a grant from the Community Development Foundation.

Key Stages1714
Stage 2IssuesOptions

Neighbourhood Area link:

Neighbourhood Area