Members of March Town Council are appointed to sit on various committees and working groups for the period of the Council, to May 2016, and subject to annual review.

Planning Sub-Committee

Councillors Pugh (Chairman), Field, George, Harris

Personnel & Administrative Sub-Committee

Chairman: Councillor Kit Owen
Councillors Pugh and Donnelly

Town Centre Management & Environmental Enhancement Working Party

Councillors:J French, Owen, Pugh, Gowing, Skoulding and Purser

Christmas Lights Working Party

Chairman: Mr Bernard Keane
Councillors Owen, Harris, Pugh, Purser, Field, Donnelly, Skoulding and Court plus non-Councillors

Allotments Committee/Overseers:

Peyton Avenue – Councillor Pugh
Wimblington Road – Councillor Purser
West End/West End Yardy – Councillor Owen
Grandford – Councillor French
Robingoodfellows Lane – Councillor Gowing

Band Concert Supervisors

There is a draw in June that allocates Councillors to each concert.

Museum Liaison Committee

Councillors Field, J French, Pugh, Purser & Harris