March Town Mayor

A Mayor is elected by Town Councillors every year at the Annual Meeting in May. The Mayor is elected for a 12-month term. However, they may serve for more than one year if re-elected.

2022/23  At the Annual Meeting held on 9 May 2022, Councillor Kimberley French was nominated and accepted the post of Mayor for a second consecutive term. She vowed to continue her work and would do everything in her power to carry out her duties for the benefit of the people of March.

Councillor Mark Purser was duly elected Deputy Mayor.

Duties and responsibilities of The Mayor

As Mayor of March, Councillor French has a number of duties and responsibilities:

  • presiding over council meetings and, in the case of equality of votes, he has a second or casting vote
  • promoting and raising awareness of the council’s main objectives and priority issues
  • encouraging and supporting all aspects of life in March by attending civic and public events
  • receiving distinguished visitors to the town
  • acting as host on behalf of the council and the citizens of March at civic functions
  • acting as a spokesperson to the local, national and international media
  • providing an appropriate response on behalf of March at times of local, national and international catastrophe
  • supporting and encouraging charitable and other appeals as appropriate
  • promoting March’s business, commercial, cultural and social life
  • promoting March as a place of excellence in which to do business and as a tourist destination.

Addressing the Mayor

If you are speaking in public and would like to welcome or introduce the Mayor, the usual form of address is simply ‘ Madam Mayor’, or, for example, “and so, I’d like to welcome Councillor Kim French, Mayor of March.”

If you are speaking to the Mayor in conversation, the correct title remains ‘Madam Mayor’.

If you would like to write to the Mayor, you should address your letter to ‘ The Mayor, Councillor Kim French. You can also abbreviate this to ‘ Mayor, Councillor Kim French’.

You should also begin your letter with ‘Dear Madam Mayor’.

Contact us: Mayor’s Office

Email this service:

01354 653709

Mayor’s Office
Town Hall
March Cambs PE15 9JF

2019/20     At the Annual Meeting 13 May 2019 Councillor Rob Skoulding was nominated and accepted the post of Mayor.

2018/19     At the Annual Meeting 14 May 2018 Councillor Jan French was nominated and accepted the post of Mayor.

Councillor Kit Owen was elected Deputy Mayor

2017/18     At the Annual Meeting 15 May 2017 Councillor Kim French was nominated and accepted the post of Mayor. She was elected unanimously, gave a brief introductory speech of her aspirations and signed her “Declaration of Office”. She thanked the outgoing Mayor for all his efforts and stated that she would do everything in her power to carry out her duties for the benefit of the people of March. Councillor Mrs Jan French was elected Deputy Mayor.

2016/17 Councillor Andrew Donnelly became Mayor of March and is
pictured here with Deputy Mayor
Councillor Kim French.

Picture courtesy Fenland Citizen

Mayor Andrew Donnelly was pleased to show his support for The Merchant Navy.
The Chief Executive of the Federation of Merchant Mariners Derek Bristow thanked everyone for their support in commemorating the service and sacrifice of the men and women of the Merchant Navy who have for many years felt that their part in war and conflict had been overlooked.
Cambridgeshire sent a resounding message of appreciation, a salute that will reassure all merchant seafarers that the service is held in the highest esteem.

2015/16 Mayor Cllr Rob Skoulding pictured mayor3pastmayorswith three past mayors, from left to right Cllr Mrs Jan French, Cllr Kit Owen and Cllr Andrew Pugh.

 Picture courtesy Cllr Mark Purser

Annual Assembly 24 April 2018

Annual Assembly 24 April 2017

The Annual Assembly photograph 18 April 2016. The Mayor Councillor Rob Skoulding and Deputy Mayor Councillor Andrew Donnelly. Absent from the photograph is Councillor Malcolm George.
                                                                                                    Picture courtesy Cllr. Mark Purser

The Annual Assembly photograph 28 April 2014. The Mayor 2013/14 Councillor Andrew Pugh.
The Mayor elect 2014/15 Councillor Kit Owen is absent from the photograph.
                                                                                                      Picture courtesy Stephen Williams

The Annual Assembly photograph 22 April 2013. The Mayor  2012/13 Councillor Jan French and 2013/14 Mayor elect Councillor Andrew Pugh whose term commenced at the Annual Meeting 13 May 2013.

Annual Assembly May 2013

The Mayor and/or Deputy Mayor will represent the town at Civic occasions hosted by other local authorities and will host Civic occasions to which dignitaries of other local authorities are invited. The towns Civic occasions are: Civic Service, Remembrance Day Parade, Carol Service, Mayors Charity Dinner and Ball, Mayors Charity Evening.

The Mayor and/or Deputy will attend many events, well in excess of 80, during the year.