Council Representation to Outside Organisations.

March Almshouses & Pensions Charities (3 year term of office)

Mrs Linda Peckett & Mr John Orbell (appointed May 2017)

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Association of Local Councils (CPALC)

Councillor R Skouldig, although ALL Councillors are invited to attend meetings

CPALC Liaison Sub-Committee

Councillor R Skoulding

CPALC Assembly Representative

Councillor R Skoulding

March Educational Foundation (4 year term of office)

Martin Field (May 2019)
(Appointed July 2018)
(May 2016)

Middle Level Commissioners

Councillor Connor

Fenland CCTV Liaison Group

Councillor Jack (Reserve: Councillors K French)

Community Rail Partnershipillor

Cllr Jack

Young People March

Councillors K French & G Tustin

March Summer Festival Committee

Councillors Connor, Court, Donnelly, K French, Jack, Johnson, Purser, Skoulding, Tustin & White