Council Representation to Outside Organisations.

March Almshouses & Pensions Charities

Mrs Linda Peckett & Mr John Orbell (appointed May 2013)

Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Association of Local Councils (CPALC)

Councillor Donnelly, although ALL Councillors are invited to attend meetings

CPALC Liaison Sub-Committee

Councillor Donnelly

CPALC Assembly Representative

Councillor Donnelly

March Educational Foundation (4 year term of office)

Councillor Field (May 2015)
Councillor Quince (Reappointed November 2014)
Councillor Owen (May 2016)

Citizens Advice Bureau

Councillor George

Middle Level Commissioners

Mr B Keane

Fenland CCTV Liaison Group

Councillor Purser (Reserve: Councillors K French)

Community Rail Partnership

Councillor Owen

Young People March

Councillors Owen & Pugh

March Summer Festival Committee

Councillors Donnelly, Field, K French, Harris, Pugh, Purser and Skoulding