March Museum

March Museum as a school, c. 1900Courtesy of March Museum

March Museum as a school, c. 1900
Courtesy of March Museum

The Museum building was erected in 1851 by March Consolidated Charities as a girls’ grammar school to be known as the South District Girls’ School.  It was one of three Carr stone buildings in the town, probably built by Morton Peto, who was involved in the building of the March railway. The building was used as a school for many years although its specific use varied as the population of the town grew. Eventually it became the South District Infants School and remained so until the school closed in 1975.

In 1976 the premises were purchased by March Town Council to be used as a Museum and was opened as such in 1977. It is run by The March and District Museum Society which was established, initially as an Historical Society, by a group of prominent March people in 1972.

Set up as a local folk museum, there are a number of displays showing the life and times of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries and ongoing to the present day.

The museum is run by volunteers, and there are no paid staff. It is a registered Charity – number 286115. We are also accredited by the Museum, Libraries and Archives Council, accreditation number 672.